Thursday, July 10, 2008


While working with my husband today I was trimming a small patch of grass near the parking lot of a resort we take care of. There was apparently a broken glass bottle hidden in the grass and when my trimmer hit it a large piece of glass flew up and cut my leg. Ouch!!The cut was pretty deep and wide. As a former nurse I know it probably needed a few stitches but I was trying to be tough and had him drive my to the pharmacy for the butterfly bandages and cover. It's been so tender tonight. If it's not feeling a little better by tomorrow I'm going to have to give in a go to the doctor. We are so busy right now. This is a horrible time to have to be slowed down with an injured leg! Here's to hoping I heal quickly.


Lisa Sharp said...

Poor guy.

Great ideas for my blog! Thanks for entering my giveaway!

Mommy Meryl said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog!! Wow - you get to work in a business w/ your hubby and lose weight - that sounds great!!! But my hubby does consulting - so I think I'd end up eating out of boredom if we worked together. .. I hope you are feeling better from your cut - that didn't sound fun!

Kathie said...

Hope that cut is healed up by now.
Blessings from Costa Rica