Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Ficklets Giveaway at Peanut Butter and Pickle Reviews!!

Does your child have wearing glasses? My son will be getting his first pair of glasses this week. He has dual lazy eye, is very far sighted, and has Astigmatism. The doctor says his prescription is going to be very strong and he may resist wearing glasses. While browsing blogs tonight I found a great giveaway at Peanut Butter and Pickle Reviews!! They are giving away a pair of Ficklets. Ficklets are interchangeable, easy to attach and remove, giving you "eye-popping" options to mix-and-match depending on your interest, outfit or mood. Ficklets make eyewear uniquely you... they're your "I-candy"!! check them out at Ficklets! And enter to win your own pair at Peanut Butter and Pickle Reviews!
I'm definitely going to get my son a pair!

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