Sunday, February 3, 2008

It's Hailing!

Yuck! What a drab and dark day. It snowed Thursday and my children were out of school Friday. Saturday the weather finally warmed up and all the snow melted but now today it's misting rain with hail! I'm not sure I have ever see so much hail arrive with so little rain. My husband and I raced to put our vehicle in the garage and I'm so glad we did because the yard has so much hail it looks like snow. My kiddo's are going stir crazy being stuck inside so we decided to build a big castle out of blocks. It been alot of fun but my living room has been over taken. LOL! I've always wanted to be the queen of my own castle and thanks to my children today I officially am. (-: So how has the weather been in your area?


StakerSensations said...

the weather is horrible...Good old UTAH!!! I hate it here...but that's besides the point...YOU WON! contact me so I can send you your free scentsy wax... I will also include a catalog for you if you are interested. Congrats.

lisalmg said...

Yeah!! Thanks so much stakersensations!!