Monday, February 18, 2008

Two Moms In a Blog!

Two Moms In a Blog are hosting a contest to win a beautiful Silver or Gold plated 12 language mother’s bracelet. Hurry on over to have your own chance to win and enter yourself today!

C - Constantly in motion
H - Happy
R - Really great family
Y - Young at heart
S - Sassy
A - Always dreaming
N - Nosey
T - Tired!
H - Hungry for chocolate
E - Enjoying my life
M - Making memories with my children
O - Obsessive about Lost and Survivor
M - Moody
S - Silly

1 comment:

Jennifer Lavender said...

I am obsessed with Lost too, and I'm totally bummed that my husband hasn't caught up on this season yet so I can actually talk about what is going on.